Salade de riz Méditerranée

A Mediterranean riced salad, bordered by mizuna leaves, to celebrate nicer weather. This type of salad seems to run along that see, it could be in France, Italy, Greece, Morocco. It’s a nice way to arrange leftovers.

For this, the older your rice leftover, the better. The dried up rice sucks the sauce and keeps its shape so much better. That was genmai, brown rice. I prepared the day before.

Olives, sweet peppers, capers, onion, garlic.

Kuromame black soy beans (OK, not very Mediterranean, I had only those in my freezer) and their broth.
Marinated cheese. It’s cream cheese that was getting old that I put a few days in olive oil with lots of dried herbs. I know that looks like faux. Well, that’s not bad. Imported feta and similar cheese are totally beyong my budget.
No need to add salt or pepper as plenty comes from the ingredients.
Vinegar, plus a little balsamico. Toss and wait.

Half-cooked egg, with a dash of balsamico too.

Cal 557 F29.8g C58.6g P27.0g

4 thoughts on “Salade de riz Méditerranée

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