Ceviche , c’est le Perou…

Ceviche mixto.

This month’s Daring Cook Challenge : “¡Me Encanta Perú! – Ceviche and Papas Rellenas”.
It is hosted by Kathlyn of Bake Like a Ninja.
See others’ dish and the recipes there.

This post is the ceviche.
Papas rellenas are here (click or next post).

I have followed the recipe faithfully. Yes, that happens.

Sweet potato, red onion, lime and aji limo chili pepper.

It’s frozen. Remember, I got a stash of chilis :
post about chilis
Aji limo is the typical one of Peru, ideal for ceviche.

The marinade is made with lime, garlic, onion, salt and a little aji chili.

The shrimps need longer time to get marinated.

The tai fish, less time.

Scallops change of colors in minutes… even the time to take the photos.

The gold of the Incas ? Sides are boiled sweet corn and sweet potato. I had mines hot.
That was a delicious meal. I was in Lima for a while.

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