Rosemary kabocha-spa

Spaghetti are hugely popular in Osaka, many shops sell only that and there are many versions with Japanese ingredients.

I have seen this post Pasta con Zucca e Pomodoro/Pasta with Pumpkin and Tomato Sauce on the blog Dulcis in Furno, and that was very tempting. That seemed to be ideal for Japanese kabocha pumpkin.

Dices of kabocha pumpkin, simmered with tomato paste, onion, garlic, olive oil…

…and rosemary.

On hot spaghetti al dente…
That makes a cute nest :

The truth is that it’s so much better to have spaghetti more than al dente, throw them into the sauce and pass on maximum heat while stirring 2 minutes. And well, bloggers like eating hot sometimes…

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