Takikomi gohan, Japanese chicken rice

A delicious easy family dish. takikomi means cooked with things included. gohan is rice.
That used to be prepared in the kama, the old fire-wood rice-oven. Modern rice-cooker are able to replicate the slower cooking process.

Easy :
rince 1 cup of Japanese rice (Koshihikari for instance, a good non-Japanese substitute is italian Arborio rice )
Add :
-1.2 cup of water,
-veggies (onion and negi leeks),
-a piece of kombu seaweed,
-feet of shiitake,
-a dry chili pepper,
-2 tbs of mirin
-3 tbs of low sodium soy sauce (or 2 of regular)
Start the rice cooker on “takikomi mode”.

You can do that in an iron cast pot. Add a little more water. Heat on low-medium till it boils slightly. Lower on minimum for about 20/30 minutes. Be careful that it does not burn. No problem on a real stove or induction, but be careful on a gaz stove. Let sit another hour before reheating very slowly.

You get this.

The bottom is nicely caramelised… Delicious !

Recut the meat and kombu in small chunks, serve with goma-shio (sesame and salt), and cut greens of negi.

A white miso soup with abura-age (fried tofu) and green sprouts of soy beans.

Dessert :

6 thoughts on “Takikomi gohan, Japanese chicken rice

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  2. That looks absolutely delicious! I love your site! The photography, writing, food and recipes are all beautiful! I have family in Japan and would love to visit one day, your food just made the urge more intense! Thanks so much for sharing, I am now subscribed to your blog =]

    • Welcome on board ! Yes, you should visit Japan if you have the opportunity. There is a great variety of delicious food, dreamy landscape and much more.

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