Komochi shishamo, fertile Hokkaido fish

Shishamo, the little Hokkaido smelts were a stapple of Ainu people. They are now a popular item of izakaya restaurants.

They are slightly salted and hung by the mouth to dry. We buy them like that, semi-dry.

About a dozen per link.

At home, I put a grill on a dish, the fish on it. I roast them 2-3 minutes each side under the grill (broiler). Then serve hot…
Izakaya and bars grill them on braseros. They can be cooked on any type of barbecue quickly.

Oh, it’s full of eggs… komochi means “having kids”. The kid-less shishamo are sold cheaper.

The full meal is next post (here).

6 thoughts on “Komochi shishamo, fertile Hokkaido fish

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