Semi-fresh wakame, weeds in seasalt

Wakame seaweed. You can buy it dried over the world, and here too, it’s a very convenient pantry item. It’s good but fresh is tastier.

It’s “raw”. We buy it in tanks or seawater… hum, no, that would be too heavy. It is sold just drained, but it lasts 24 hours only. So, they are also sold in salt :

They can be kept several weeks refrigerated. Then they just need to be rinsed in fresh water. No soaking. They don’t keep the salt. They live in it. And you get them fresh perfect.

On udon noodles , in simple freshly brewed dashi (dry fish broth), with abura-age (fried tofu).

That was part of a meal with shishamo fish, see last post (here).


Leftover of rice (click on text):
takikomi gohan

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