From the shop : kashiwa-mochi, oak leaf sweet

Lucky ! You’ve found a pearl in your oak leaf.
This sweet is eaten in this season, and particularly on May 5th , for the Children Day.

This one is bought. That’s why it is more perfect than mines. Hey, baker is a job and you don’t get the professional skill overnight.
It’s really shiny, and harder in texture than daifuku mochi. The recipe is different.

Use the little wood knife to cut it…

It’s filled with koshi-an (smooth anko bean paste). Good texture and taste but… it’s too sweet for my mouth.

No ! Don’t eat the leaf. It is only a packaging, and I need it !
Yes, the most difficult is to collect those big leaves of Japanese oak. They are not common in the city. I guess you need to go in the mountain and use a ladder. So I recycle…

kashiwa maison , made with the recycled leaves

Making kashiwa-mochi (from joshinko rice flour)

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

4 thoughts on “From the shop : kashiwa-mochi, oak leaf sweet

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