Spring tea sweets, from the shop

These wagashi sweets are beautifully shaped, not very flavored and very sweet… they are designed for the tea ceremony. Patterns and colors vary with the season.

The moon in the night.

The arrow.

The flower.

The fish, probably koi carps as it is the season of “koi nobori“, when families that have little boys fly kites in shape of koi carps at their windows.

The flower and the fish are made with the neri-kiri technique. It’s a very soft paste, easy to carve… but very fragile.

Inside, it’s koshi-an, the smooth anko (azuki bean paste).

The eye is made of kanten (agar-agar).

The arrow is also filled with the same koshi-an.

The white part is more cake-like. It’s like karukan mochi. It contains yama-imo potato.

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