Fish is hot : spicy kara-age sanma

Another Japanese classic.

A sanma.

A fresh sanma, cleaned and cut…

…coated in katakuriko (potato starch), pan-fried in very little oil.

Grate young ginger.

Make a spicy sauce directly in the jar : miso, pasted garlic, pasted ginger, chili flakes. Cook in microwave. Add roast sesame oil.

Wash the dish… Yeah, the dish with starch, wash it with rice vinegar, pour in the pan, heat… and when it’s transparent, add 1/2 ts of spicy sauce. Pass the fish in it.

Put it in a Japanese dish, with an umeboshi pickled plum. Serve rice too.
Oh, that was good… I’d even eat one more.

3 thoughts on “Fish is hot : spicy kara-age sanma

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