Green tea time : kashiwa maison

Yes, kashiwa mochi, the wagashi Japanese sweet wrapped in oak leaves. Home-made this time.
I had kept the leaves. They dried. I soaked them and miracle they revived ! They could bring their chlorophylle flavor to the sweets.

I prepared a small amount of koshian, the sieved azuki bean paste.

Making kashiwa-mochi (from joshinko rice flour)

After adding the syrup. Isn’t that silky ?

Like those from the shop ?

kashiwa mochi from the shop (click on text)

Not too far, eh ? Taste was great. Mines are less sweet, which is good.

Oh, they cracked… OK, aspect is not pro.

With the tsubuan (beans I didn’t bother sieving) and the rest of dough, I made an angoro (wrapped in anko bean paste).

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

3 thoughts on “Green tea time : kashiwa maison

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