Mama-kiddy rice bowl : oyako-don’

That takes two generations to get that creamy chicken rice topping.
Oyako domburi. The domburi is the large rice bowl. Oya is a parent, ko is a kid. All that together makes a popular Japanese dish.

My rice is pink as I mixed 3 : black, white and brown… I’m finishing the bags.

There is the hen, well a chicken, bits of it… cooked with onion in a mirin and soy sauce mix.

Then you don’t get a treat with breaking eggs… Here is the chick, still in the egg.

As I used 2 eggs, I kept a yolk aside to mix in after the photo shooting. So I can still blog and eat good. The 1.5 egg beaten and added to the chicken in the last 30 seconds becomes the creamy sauce. Pour hot on the hot rice. Then add a few sticks of leek. Serve and eat.

Kabu, Japanese turnip. Roots and leaves.

Simply with sunflower seeds.

Steamed kabocha. Simple with… nothing. When it’s good naturally, why adding seasoning ?

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