Aïoli aux pommes de terres nouvelles

Second round of the series of potato salads.
Aïoli was a party meal, with the intention of enjoying the last veggies of the old season and some seafood. It seems that was usually for Winter, before Lent maybe. Now people enjoy it at any season.
A grand aïoli is a big party, with many items, more seafood. Let’s make it small and centered around the new potatoes.

The soul of the aïoli is the sauce.
Ail is garlic, and huile is oil in French so that sounds logical. In Occitan language, aïoli is garlic oil. So just pasted garlic and olive oil, a little salt. Traditionnally.
It is not well, but some add an egg yolk. I did, because it requires a certain hand skill, training to be able to mount the sauce without egg.
I also added lemon juice and a little saffron. Little, cheating…

Steamed new potatoes. Tender, good to eat with the skin.

Cod fish, poached in a broth of laurel leaves.

Everything is steamed of boiled. The zucchini cubes and cooked in herbs and garlic oil were a leftover.

Present the tray with the hot ingredients, and the sauce.

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