Soupe du jour : garlic blossom

One more good soup. Green, spicy, filling.

I used the veggies left from the soupe au pistou.
la pistou

The veggies in the blender with Thai green curry paste. A little grated ginger.

Garlic blossoms (blossoming niniku no me).

standard garlic stalks (ninniku no me)
It should be the same plant, but I think they are different species. They are Asian types of garlic scape.

Different plants :

gyoja ninniku (“wild” garlic “leaves”)

Nira (not garlic, but garlic chives) :

nira blossoms (garlic chives, jiu cai)

About yellow nira
About green nira

5 thoughts on “Soupe du jour : garlic blossom

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    • These are not garlic chives . Garlic chives are “nira” in Japanese. This is “ninniku”, which is garlic. I edited the post with a photo and link of blossoming garlic chives. You can cook many dishes with the garlic chives. I think it’s better.

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