Verrine of the blue lagoon

A ultra-extra-super-refreshing delicious verrine.

Spirulina tapioca floating over spicy avocado softcream.

To make the cream : half-frozen avocado, ice-cubes, vinegar, onion, salt and a few drops of Louisiana hot chili sauce… in the blender.

The spirulina tapioca was not meant to frighten my readers. Or maybe it was, after all.

“Si vous n’êtes pas capables d’un peu de sorcellerie, ce n’est pas la peine de vous mêler de cuisine…” Colette

Colette, the famous writer said that : “If you are not able to do a little witchcraft, you have no business at cooking…”

Oki… no black magic. I simply used this spirulina “natural” food coloring :

I added to cooked tapioca (after it cooled a little) and let it overnight in the fridge. Any blue food coloring would work, I think.

A few shrimps wanted to swim here. Welcome !

Eat the 3 together : that’s as paradisiac as the colors !

2 thoughts on “Verrine of the blue lagoon

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