A la coque – The egg before the hen

I am an empty shell. Let me tell you my glorious past…

I received many wounds…

I fought bravely. I will spare you the gorest details.

Mouillettes made of asparagus dipped into yellow heart like spears… Many many aimed at me. None failed !

Arrows made of poisonous mushrooms, dipped into curare, attacked me. What do you mean ? Shimeji dipped into shichimi togarashi 7 spice mix ? That’s as bad, if not worse for an egg.

I was opened and vulnerable.

The evil spoon cracked my shell.

I was a beautiful egg. No ? The prettiest œuf à la coque in Osaka !
I was cooked 5 minutes after boiling because I’m a Japanese egg. Weak French eggs à la coque are boiled 3 minutes. (Weird, no ?) And they give them soft mouillettes made of buttered bread, because they are wimps.

And I pose so quietly at the side of the elements that woud soon attack me.

One of my murderers ! My only solace is that cruel criminal died eaten by some gourmande ogress. I feel I got half of my revenge. Now the spoon is alive. Couldn’t she …? No way ? I see.

My advice : never trust a green asparagus !

4 thoughts on “A la coque – The egg before the hen

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