Iwashi no kara-age… healthy fried fish

It’s not too good to eat lots of fried food. But once in a while… And there are tricks to make it healthier.

Not many other ways to prepare those sardines tiny like fingers. They are called “komame” (small beans) on the package. Sardine is a healthy food, with the good omega and they don’t contain toxic elements like the big fish.

Kara-age. Coated in starch and fried.

Then I use paper to take out the excess of oil. And reheat them in the oven-toaster. And put them on more paper. They become really lighter and pleasantly crusty.

The second tip is to balance with raw vegetables. That makes a final dish not too caloric. Then , the raw cabbage is said to make fat easier to digest.
The dark green leaves are radish leaves. Cut and salted 15 minutes before, like the cukes.

That gives this :

A crunchy sand !
The dressing is lemon juice + water * balsamico and a little salt.
It’s really delicious and fresh at the same time.

With sweet chili sauce too.

Or just lemon.

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