Organza peach

The veil on my peach looks like the precious fabric.

It’s simply kanten jelly, agar agar jelly (with strawberry juice and raspeberry liquor). It’s much crunchier than standard jelly.
Boil the agar 1 minutes or 2 hours… I mean it’s quick if you use the powder (I did) and long if you go to take the seaweeds on the beach. I could do that, but I’m too lazy.

Agar is stlightly diuretic. Sorry to say that in a dessert post, but it’s in the good sense. Eating small amounts of this seaweed in hot season spares you lots of digestive difficulties.

On fresh peach. No added sugar. It’s healthy, refreshing and really delicious.

5 thoughts on “Organza peach

    • Well check with a doctor, but I think that people with seafood allergy have no problem with agar powder. The weeds are plants like your salad. All you could fear is, in case they are fresh, they have mini fish on them. But the powder is purified, that can’t happen.

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