Café au lait, revisited

Yep, that’s not your home breakfast classic. Coffee jelly in milk is a popular fast-food drink in Summer. It’s better home-made.

Agar agar. I prepare the jelly with 2/3 of the recommended water, then mix it 1/3 of very strong coffee. That works better with instant. Actually coffee loses flavor in the process, so it’s not worth wasting your good freshly roast beans, as the result will be similar. You can add a little sugar, vanilla essence or cocoa.

No need to keep it refrigerated, but I did to get it chilled.

Then cut in cube.

Or in smaller bits (grated).

The cow milk is not my cup of milk. Today, it’s coconut milk. I refrigerated a can to make the fat soldify, then I filtered and I took only the lean milk, added water and a little sugar.
Advantage : I have coconut oil to use as a cosmetic. They don’t sell monoï here, so I make mine.

8 thoughts on “Café au lait, revisited

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