Som tam ripe : sunny papaya salad

The idea was to make a som tam, a Thai green papaya salad with the ingredients I get here.

The drama : that’s the greenest papaya at the local market. Greener are sold much further, in Kobe’s Chinatown for instance. I hoped it was no so advanced in age inside…

Totally yellow. Well, I was hungry. So let’s go for a yellow papaya salad. Really not the same thing.

Nearly a sweet compote. I added lots of sour lemon… in hope.

I think you are not supposed to include the coriander root in this dish, but I love the roots. And that compensated for the deficient papaya.


Japanese dry ami-ebi shrimps. And kamaboko (bought hand-made fish surimi).

That was… totally different. I tried to eat it without comparing. And I really like it.

5 thoughts on “Som tam ripe : sunny papaya salad

  1. I absolutely love papaya! Growing up in Brazil we had a great selection. I never had it in a salad but I will have to consider that now. Your salad is colorful and creative. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful salad. I have to say – I like sweet papaya, but I understand how sour papaya would be better in this salad!

  3. Green papaya, “blue papaya”, “vegetable papaya”… is a common veggie in South Asia (starting from South Kyushu or Okinawa), but elsewhere, not easy to get them. The irony is the next day I was in a shop selling some in Tokyo, but I couldn’t carry them all day then back. Oh next time !
    Most of my dishes are classics, there are many because there are many countries and regions and I have the luck to find all kind of ingredients in this big city. Variations are mostly cosmetic. I should put a big “I” to indicate inventions, and they are not so numerous.
    Well it’s my pleasure to vary meals every day. Great if you enjoy watching them too.

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