Say chiizz sauce

Inspired by Nori Croquante. Well, that’s very far from what she served here:
curieux légumes faux-magés but you can see the relation.

My local random little salad : konnyaku (in white), green beans, okra, sudachi lemon and cilantro.

Mmmm, that’s the less worse photo… The idea is the sauce that gets a cheese-like texture. It’s a combination of okra and vegetal milk (here coconut + coconut cream). Add a pinch of salt. Pour on the veggies.

That’s so pleasantly refreshing, the white color plus the texture.
Merci pour l’idée !

6 thoughts on “Say chiizz sauce

  1. I surely do see the relation! It’s a real pleasure to inspire you. 🙂 Without a doubt, I’m sure it’s delicious with coconut!

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