Risotto all’uva, chicken all’yuzu

Another lazy girl lunch. A muscat flavored risotto made with the macchina. Che ? You don’t have a risotto-maker yet ? Well, if you prefer waiting until the George Clooney starts selling them on the telly and all your neighbors get one…

The rice owns its color to the grape, to red wine, but mostly to the addition of 1 tbs per cup of black sticky rice. As you see, I used brown rice.

The machine doesn’t do anything… I fried the sofrito and the rice by hand. I made the stock by hand. I juiced the grapes by hand. Well, “by hand”, ahem, I mean that was not automatically done by the machine’s program. You see the machine in the 4th step, it cooks and stirs. That’s my old Kiki, the home-bakery. The jam program does that. I often use it to simmer sauces.

Remark : I had to add the liquid progressively otherwise that was splashing. IMO addind the liquid progressively brings nothing, the rice doesn’t care, but in a normal sauce pan that would be complicated to heat properly and stir a big amount of stock. I should have put the tap on the box inside the machine but I had not searched it in my many boxes of stuff. That took 1 hour, which was the expected time for brown rice.
Compared to the rice-cooker… well, in my experience, stirring all the time is useless. And I fry the sofrito and rice directly in my cooker (maybe not yours), so it’s more convenient.

Ecce risotto.
It looks a bit liquid. But as my Mum says “the rice keeps cooking after the end of the cooking.”. No kidding, if you take it out of the pan when it’s cooked, it will be over-cooked. Transfer it to the plate 10 minutes before. It finishes absorbing the liquid the time you take the photos. You can already see the difference with the close-ups. And I didn’t take more photos while eating. No time.

Bonus : since I made chicken and leek stock, after the risotto I had boiled chicken and leeks waiting for me. That was perfect with a little juice of green yuzu citrus and sea salt.

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