Consommé ambré (tomato, chicken, shiso flower)

Little chemist mode on !
For the Daring Cook Challenge, a clarified consommé. It is super simple.
See the recipe and other challenger’s soups here : Daring Cooks.

This is a series of 3 posts. This one is to make the consomme.
Then :
making the dobin-mushi soup
serving it in Japanese style

The stock is chicken (meat and broken bone) with leek greens. Yeah, I made for the risotto. That was clear the next day. I had not much to clarify. So I mixed with tomato juice. I clarified with egg white. In the bag, a branch of shiso flowers.

Here you can see the chicken stock, with added tomato, and clarified.
And if you wonder how I served it, see next post, about dobin-mushi (click here):

11 thoughts on “Consommé ambré (tomato, chicken, shiso flower)

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  2. WOW you really to town on this challenge = three posting LOL. The consommé looks fantastic the colours are stunning a fabulous posting. I love the photos excellent. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

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