Serving dobin-mushi, a soup in the teapot

What’s that ? Already the tea ? No, it’s a Japanese dish/appetizer very popular in Autumn and Winter. When it’s chilly… It’s super-hot today. Well, that doesn’t matter.
It’s called dobin-mushi, steamed in a pottery. It is served in a sort of teapot with a cup on top. Usually, the color is dark… Here I have used a regular teapot and a Chinese teacup so you can see the soup better.

If you want to see Japanese people enjoying it in videos :
A traditional Japanese girl
Another style, with sake

The citrus on top is a green yuzu, very aromatic. Either the dobin-mushi is brought hot to the guests, or it is prepared on the table on a little brasero.

The first step is to pour some in the little cup. It’s a broth, very perfumed. You can add a little squeezed yuzu, if you like. Try to guess the flavors.
It is often fish dashi based. Today, I made it with a chicken tomato consommé.

Then you open. Oh surprise ! So many items…

Pick up a few bits and bring them into your cup.

You’re served. Put back the lid so the rest stays hot. Add yuzu if you want. Enjoy duck meat, red chili,

Shiitake mushroom. Shiso flowers. Yaki-Fu (gluten croutons).

Finish the broth. Ahhh !
To know how to prepare it, see next post.

6 thoughts on “Serving dobin-mushi, a soup in the teapot

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