Lady Shikibu visited my plate

Shikibu-so. The herb of Lady Shikibu. Murasaki Shikibu. No ? OK, the famous writer’s last name, Murasaki, also means purple color. That was not her official ID, but a nickname she took to play Cluedo (who knows ?) and for her job.
There is another name for the plant : Kinji-so. These leaves have been cultivated in Kumamoto (Kyushu) in Edo Era and a bit forgotten. They are revived by farmers in Kanazawa.

The purple color is due to a pigment called antocyanin. 

Of course, I ate them. In a stir-fry of rice noodles. I cannot say the taste is very strong. That’s very close to Water Morning Glory.

With fresh hot chilis, 2 colors. Onion. Soy sauce.

Creamy ! It’s nerigoma (sesame butter, tahini).

Simply beans for the proteins : reheated azuki, favas (broad beans) in tomato juice, with garlic.

Lots of coriander.

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