Sesame bovoli, Venetian snails with a Bizantine spy

And on your left, Signore, Signori, the tower of Pisa…
Oh maybe. And on the right, a bovolo. That’s a snail, a Venetian snail shaped bread. Oh, I have no idea how they make them…

It’s yoghurt bread, rolled with white neri-goma (sesame paste)… This is tahini, like a mysterious masked Ottoman visitor hidden in the bovolo spiral staircases…

They didn’t take mucho volume… Should have waited a bit more.
The taste of sesame doesn’t dominate. It’s nice and pleasant.

Other very different sesame breads :


yogurt bread

sourdough black sesame bread

Yes, I didn’t want 2 of the same shape. Too boring…

They are not sweet. So a little kuro-mitsu (black sugar syrup) goes greatly on them.

Yes, it does look like the croissant viennois (click here), and it is very close in texture, even in taste.

3 thoughts on “Sesame bovoli, Venetian snails with a Bizantine spy

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