Tatinette, Fuji et shikwasa

Is it necessary to say it ? This is a tuerie (mass murder). Mmmmmmm !

Technically, it’s a Fuji apple and shikwasa lime pie.

You probably know the classic tarte Tatin, the French uspside down apple pie.

tarte Tatin classique

It’s a variation, small… with leftovers and short-cuts.

A nice Fuji apple, with the vivid color of the boiling lava from the volcano. They are really delicious this year.

Made a compote with cane sugar.

The particularity is I flavored the compote with the juice and skin of an Okinawan shikwasa lime .

Used a left over of pastry dough… to cover the compote + a tbs of dry caramel.

Baked. Twice (reheated the next day).

Caramel dipped shikwasa lime, for decoration.

3 thoughts on “Tatinette, Fuji et shikwasa

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