Chausson aux pommes au Japon

The chausson aux pommes is a big favorite after school snack in France. Most bakers make them.
It’s less known in Japan. It’s rare. Well, it exists and it is different. The inside is smaller, dryer, sweeter, like a pâte de fruits (fruit leather). And that’s what it is, confirmed the baker. That’s good… but I missed my chausson full of tart chilled compote.

Fuji apple compote.

A hint of shikwasa lime.

In croissant dough… Well, my dough took the heat. It was not optimal, but for the chausson that was well, as they can also be made with soft puff pastry.

That was hard to let it cool… I had to eat something else during that time.
Then, I was really glad. Deliciously refreshing.

3 thoughts on “Chausson aux pommes au Japon

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