Soupe du jour : Chinese beauty milk

It’s tonyu (soy milk based soup). This is said to give a beautiful skin to women. Even if it’s a legend, that still makes a delicious one-dish dinner.

Dig in and you find whites of big negi leeks.

And somen (Japanese wheat vermicelli).

First make your tonyu (pure soymilk). (recipe here)

Cook 1 cut negi leek in, with a little garlic in water (just enough to cover).

When the leeks are soft, add 1 glass and a half of soy milk, half a glass of water.

Preboil the somen vermicelli and rince in cold water. It is necessary because there is some salty flour around the dry noodles and it’s not tasty at all. Cut the stalks of the chervil.
Add all that to the soup. Bring to a boil. Salt to taste.

Serve and add a bouquet of chervil leaves.

Final tweeking : freshly ground black pepper and sesame seeds.
Serve steamy hot.

Enjoy with season fruits.

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