Flaky pains au sésame noir

Don’t let the aspect impress you. It’s delicious !

What happens if you make croissants with sesame butter ?
You get those delicious black sesame croissant rolls.
I had problems with my butter croissant dough in hot weather.

Croissants for the challenge.

Sesame butter (tahini) is liquid, it won’t melt.
And I know pro bakers use a laminoir. I am not a pro, but I have a laminoir… for pasta.

Raw. It’s small as I tried only a small amount of dough, not enough to make big triangles.


The freak show… On top sesame seeds and yellow sugar were not the best idea.

Superb layers !

And they taste like croissants. I was very happy.

And flakes that fall on the table ! Yeah !

7 thoughts on “Flaky pains au sésame noir

    • It’s a total invention… Well, it’s not unlikely that exists elsewhere too. The taste of sesame is light, I think it could please all kind of people, as long as they are not deterred by the appearance. LOL.

  1. Dear My, On my blog today i have nominated you for an award. I want other people to find this site too because i love your food. It is very easy and quite fun. The instructions are on my page.. if you feel like popping over..we would love to see you.. love c

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