The challenging croissant

Croissant au beurre et chocolatine.

Not easy…

The Daring Bakers go retro this month! Thanks to one of our very talented non-blogging members, Sarah, the Daring Bakers were challenged to make Croissants using a recipe from the Queen of American TV Cook Shows, none other than Julia Child!

See other the croissants of challengers and the recipe>>> here

Well, that Mrs Child, I don’t get the appeal. There is the video, and it’s totally obvious she pretends cooking as the first thing she does is killing the yeast with a spoon of salt directly into it. ROFLOL.
But the recipe at the base was not her invention. So I followed the “draft” but not the proportions.

Primo :
Warning if you try the Julia recipe. The salt… it is nearly 4g per 100 g of flour. OOOOOch ! It is the double of the old standard amount 2% (2g of salt for 100g of flour). Now 1.5 to 1.8 is more common, as the former was considered too salty for health. This is for bread. For croissant, brioche, sweet breads, you can put less.

Segundo :
The ideal temperature to work a dough with butter like that is 15 degrees C. And that was way hotter when I did it. My flat was at 33 C minimum.

The recipe she uses is done to be made with fermented “dry butter” available to pro bakers in France.
Japanese butter is not dry…so I shouldn’t use this recipe.
And it is not fermented, so croissants would be not as tasty but I used yogurt to wet my dough. It’s OK. My local baker makes them with Calpis (a sort of yogurt drink).

Flaky pains au sesame noir (coming soon)

Second try with butter (coming soon)

Viennoiseries (posting progressively)
lunette vanille , petite Tatin viennoise, chausson aux pommes, schneck rhum-raisin.

The recipe… is close to the given recipe. Nuances are the dough is hydrated by yogurt and the butter is supermarket stuff (semi-salted, not fermented… tasteless). I skipped the tasteless oil, put tasteless butter instead. I did 2 rounds, froze, did last rounds, cut quickly. Oh, I was out of confectioner sugar for the icing, I realized when the oven was hot.

So it’s 33~35 degrees, it’s humid. I’ve let the dough overnight in the fridge and I found a huge sponge the next morning. Adieu the well defined layers, that was sure the yeast would eat them…
Pomading the butter took 20 seconds. My triangles of dough doubled of volume in 15 minutes. LOL I put the croissants to raise in the coldest box of the fridge 15 minutes and spongification was already started.

Verdict :
Well, not bad for home-made butter rolls… but bakers won’t lose their jobs so soon. It’s always fun to play little baker.

5 thoughts on “The challenging croissant

  1. Beautiful croissants you made here. It is interesting to hear about the differences between ingredients in different parts of the world! As always, your photographs are absolutely stunning. Wonderful work on the challenge.

  2. Just saw on the tele, BBC Two Programmes – The Great British Bake Off..the challenge was to make croissants….I didn’t know you have to put in to raise in the fridge for 12hrs before using the dough!

    very tempted to try to make it again…but i am scared..:-)

  3. I like that you decided to make different croissants….and I look forward to your varieties! Making croissants is on my list of things to make….one day!

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