Pause croissant

Second try to make the “classic recipe” of butter croissant. And well… I that’s not the way to go. It’s still too hot to try other types of recipes now. I will try Chef Simon’s recipe with lots of flour in the butter. Be patient…

Croissants for the challenge.

The weather was cool.. er, cooler. Not cool, less hot (26 C). I decided to let them longer time to expand. That did not improve.
It seems this type of yeast loses strength after I roll it.
PLUS : I made a mistake, I forgot the dough 30 minutes on the table. Massive melting… Hence the greasy appearance.

Dissection :

(no comment)

Degustation :

Disappointment. Well, got worst from supermarkets. They’re OK dipped in the coffee.

Well, maybe this is easier to make :
kouign amman

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