Sesame daikon unohana

Japan has no tabouleh, it has unohana (okara soy fiber “salad”). Today a grey-green variation. Someday I’ll post the classic Japanese style. The thing is I like modifying it. Previously you could see (click on text) :

golden unohana

It is quite neutral, so many flavorings are possible.

It’s dried okara. To know how you can make this okara click here.
To dry it, I put it in a sauce pan without oil or anything, on moderate heat, stirring sometimes, till it’s cooked and well dry.

Then I have added powdered black sesame (grind seeds in a coffee mill or in a mortar).

The tender stalks of daikon radish leaves. White onion. Raisin. Salt. Water.
With the liquid, the okara tripled of volume. All that simmered a few minutes. Then I’ve let it cool.

I really loved this version, green and nutty. I’ll make it again.

Other leafy daikon small plates (coming soon).

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