Smiley cat arabesque greenling

Kistch inspiration to give a title to a post ? Que nenni ! The cat on my rice bowl is happy to see hokke, a sort of Northern Japan mackerel, and arabesque greenling
is the official English name of the fish.

It is salted fish… not totaly dried. They dip them in salty brine (like seawater) and dry one night only.
So no need to desalt, just grill it :

It’s really delicious, juicy and crispy. This one was huge.

Leafy daikon has small roots. Ideal item for the miso soup. As the fish is salty, I add very little miso.

The steamy soup… Well, a nice and easy Japanese meal. I’m a smiley cat today.

2 thoughts on “Smiley cat arabesque greenling

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