Sure you want to gnaw your raw carrot like a rabbit ?

Yes, yes, I want to eat the rabbit. But that’s not done in Japan.
Here is my second choice, a curried carrot soup and onigiri. They were onigiri at some stage… I need a quicker camera, that’s all.

June 1944, London. On the BBC radio :

Les carottes sont cuites… les carottes sont cuites…

“The carrots are cooked” they were repeating in French. You know why ? During all those years, we believed that was an ancestor of Jamie Oliver trying to teach some basics of French cuisine to his compatriots. We were wrong. They reveal it now : Why the carrots are cuites !

Sky my carrot ! Shocking !!! Today, I’ll have blended boiled carrots.

I added Japanese curry mix and salt.

Maybe the next thing is they demonstrate I don’t get nutriments from my garden herbs… It’s good I can’t see the show. I don’t want to know. I’m joking about it, but that’s not the first time science contradicts the claims of the hip raw diet gurus.

Onigiri. That means shaped in the hand. It’s a ball of rice.
Well on a scale zero to ten, the onigiri are super solid to super breakable.
10 : onigiri of steamed mochigome (sticky-rice), shaped in the box. You can play tennis with them, they don’t break
7 : onigiri of white Japanese rice, freshly cooked in rice-cooker. It is the standard style.
5 : brown rice
4 : parboiled rice
3 : cold rice
2 : cold brown rice, like today’s
0 : raw rice, they don’t stay in shape even 1 second

These onigiri are filled with a mysterious leafy pickled… It’s a secret, I work for the NASA. I will tell you some day. It has flavors of sansho (Japanese Sichuan pepper). And with flakes of dry fish (kezuri bushi) usually used to make dashi fish stock. Plus salt.

Then reheated in a frying pan brushed with cooking oil and at the end I poured in a few drops of fragrant sesame oil (not for cook, that degrades its taste).
It’s also possible to grill them under the broiler. Or in a waffle-maker with an onigiri plate (I have that, I remembered later).

Oki… call it fried rice if you prefer. It’s very good.

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