Just a sauce changes it all. Yuzu-kosho kimizu.

Steaming is a convenient way to cook your food. Then you just need a sauce. Something that would go with meat, with veggies…
A mayonnaise, maybe. Or a kimizu.
It’s a classic Japanese sauce, the name means “vinegar and egg yolk”. It’s Japan’s mayonnaise or hollandaise, but there is a difference, you will see.
Recipes vary, the principle is always the same : egg yolk and vinegar, but no oil nor butter.

Kimizu sauce, recipe

Basic :
1 egg yolk, 1 tbs of rice vinegar, 3 tbs of liquid. A little sugar and salt.
What I call liquid can be water, dashi stock, a mix of both. This time :
I have added 1 ts of mirin to 3 tbs of water.
I have not used salt nor soy sauce because the yuzu-koshio is very salty.

It’s very simple, like a sabayon.
Mix the ingredients in a bowl, put on pot of hot (not boiling) water, whisk until it doubles of volume and becomes thick.
You can serve it room temperature or chilled.

I have added 1 ts of yuzu-kosho paste at the end. You can buy this condiment in a Japanese grocery store or make it (click here to see how).
That brings a taste of green, citrus and some heat.

The sauce is a sort of foam.

Another dish with the same sauce (click on text) :

ebi to snappy beans no kimizu-ae

Steamed chicken with pink pepper.

Okra, favas and rice noodles. These noodles need only soaking. Then everything was steamed together.
Add the sauce and enjoy :

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