Opening the blue fruit…

Opened ! That’s it, the fruit I showed you yesterday :

Definitely not an aubergine/eggplant/nasu. I have seen some of that color on American blogs, but never around here nor in Europe.

I have used a knife, but they open by themselves on the tree. And inside, you can see like a white banana :

It’s very soft ! I have read in a French description “le fruit est insipide”. Insipide is when that has no flavor, no taste. Really ? Let’s cut it.

A dragon fruit ?

It looks a bit very similar. It’s softer, more juicy. Dragon fruits are tropical, and in Japan they grow only in Okinawa and indoor (in my living room, but I have no fruits… not yet).

This fruit is local. But yes, the taste is close to the taste of dragon fruit. It has some flavor, not insipide at all. It’s fresh and delicious.

The only problem is you make only 2 bites and you have the rest of the skin left. You can eat it, but not raw.
I tell you all tomorrow… I won’t make a 400 episode series.

4 thoughts on “Opening the blue fruit…

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