Akebia farci au four – nikuzume akebi

Baked akebi with a spicy meat stuffing.

photos of akebia

I have trust the butcher for the spicy sausage ground pork (it contains onion, garlic, chili), but I had a little duck fat I had to pre-bake the akebi 10 minutes. Then 30 minutes with the meat.

When I cut it, I discovered the super soft inside flesh… Really yummy !

The texture was really great. The taste is still a little bitter, but that goes perfectly with the spicy meat and the strong mint.
Of all the akebi recipes that’s my favorite. I’ll do it again. If not with meat, I’ll fill it with a spicy mix and bake.

3 thoughts on “Akebia farci au four – nikuzume akebi

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