Potica has the blues

It’s a black sesame variation of the povitica. I had eaten blue poppy seed potica (same as povitica under other skies it seems), but we can buy the pop’s only at the homeopathic counter here… No kidding, you only find the mini-bag to decorate 1 small loaf. To fill a potica, I’d need the whole stock of several stores. But black sesame, I get bags of 10 kg if I want and here is very cheap.
I used a small kougloff mold to make it pretty… see that below. LOL.

What happened is sesame and walnuts are 2 different beasts. The sesame mix was super-dry. The walnut one, super-runny. Before rolling I tweaked both adding more egg mix to sesame, and some starch to walnut. That worked for the walnut only.

classic walnut povitica

Just baked.

Scary !!!

I had to trim the base.

Ribbon magic. It’s nearly not ugly…

Different patterns. It looks pretty.
Unfortunately, I found it a bit too dry. Next time, I’ll do like a frangipane (custard cream + almond, I’ll do custard cream + sesame).

Or I’ll turn the sesame into “neri goma” (tahini).

Like for these :
mutant croissants

Or like these :
Venitian stair-snail breads

l.o recycling

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