White wine kaki gohan (oyster rice)

Oyster season is starting.
This is simple and delicious. The recipe is often made with Japanese sake. I had white wine, so a new variation was created. Both versions are delicious.

I used genmai brown rice. It’s very easy :
Cook the rice in the rice-cooker with 2 tbs of white wine, 1 tbs of mirin, 1 tbs of soy sauce and of course water.
Then open the cooker, mix in julienned negi leeks, put a few oysters on top. Close and let on “keep warm mode” 10 minutes.

Top with more negi leeks.

The oysters are perfectly warm not really cooked, at their best. The rice is delicately flavored. Add soy sauce to taste.

5 thoughts on “White wine kaki gohan (oyster rice)

    • Maybe your package had a problem or they were marinated for some reason… I bought some frozen in the past, they were on the contrary tasteless. In Japan, we got them cheaply fresh without their shell, in a plastic bag. With the shell, it’s as expensive as in Europe, but to eat them raw, I prefer.

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