The carbonara trick

The Carbonari revolution plotters had no time to cook for hours, no time to stands in the line of a fast-food where they could have been recognize… So they made their pasta quickly, stir-frying them with salted meat, since they had not the time to go and get fresh ingredients at the market everyday.

So what ? Salmon is the meat here. Italia has guanciale, Japan has salted Hokkaido Autmun salmon.

They were using this for the sauce :

EGG YOLK ! A powerful weapon. Add it raw on the hot pasta, and miracle, that’s all creamy.

Add lots lots of carbon black pepper. As the Carbonari had a day job, or a night job, depends on shifts, as coal miners, put some coal !
The comparison stops here. I’m not a plotting coal miner, I’m a blogger and if I’m plotting a revolution (could be), I don’t post teasers on my blog.
Well, a little freshness never hurts : A few leaves of basil are always welcome.

Eat your greens. Even if they are yellorange.
Fashionable color for veggies this season…

The yellow paprika brings its juicy freshness (after being sliced, salted, let 15 minutes, well rinsed).

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