Brinjal chutney

Indian delight…

Brinjal are aubergines. It seems they have many sorts pf eggplants in Indian, many white and green ones too. The purple ones have a toxic substance that will kill you someday… I will die someday, anyway. So I eat that purple skin.

I freely adapted the recipe of the blog Kitchenmantra.
I used the eggplant, red chili, garlic, ginger, tomato, clove, bay leaf, black sugar, salt, and a little shikwasa lime (skin and juice).
And I’ve kept big chunks.

My tempering : rice, mustard, cumin, ajowan.

Served with a wedge of apple. That’s a great sauce/condiment for rice and pumpkin :

4 thoughts on “Brinjal chutney

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