Fruity duo wok

What you can’t see is this chunky sauce has a charming complex flavor of two fruits.

2 fruits ?

Let’s start with the actual fruit : yuzu lemon. Then kabocha pumpkin and mushrooms are like Autumn’s fruits…

These small chilis are not very strong… if you stay away from the seeds, that is. They have an incredible fruity flavor. I can’t tell… something between litchee and cherry.

The classic basic with ground meat. The fragrant mirepoix mix of garlic, onion, ginger is completed with yuzu rind. The sauce is kochujang, douchi (fermented beans), a little sochu (sweet potato alcohol) and yuzu juice. The kabocha is added mid-way. Later the mushrooms.

Later tofu. And Sichuan pepper.

Serve with rice noodles. Top with more chili and sesame seeds.

Voila !

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