Sakekasu spinach pide

Leafy skies, leafy dinner :

Do you know pide the boat shaped Turkish “pizza” ? It’s often made with feta cheese and spinach. I made one step afar from it…

I’ve used this sakekasu paste instead of cheese. It’s not faux cheese. Click here if you want to know more.
I have seen many people were grilling it and I wanted to try. So why not on a pide.

I mixed the sakekasu with salt and a little olive oil as it’s not salted at all, and not fat and I feared it could burn too easily.

It’s a quite classic one, flavored with olive oil, garlic, onion, coriander seed…

Shaping balls was not the best idea. Next time, I’ll make crumbles or flat layers as they didn’t cook so well in the middle. Except that, that was perfect.

The grilled sakekasu is really good. It doesn’t get the texture but it sure has a strong taste like an old cheese. And you get the sake taste. Try it someday.

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