Nogging strawberries in lait de poule

Mmmm…. That’s so good. That’s my afternoon snack, strawberries in hot eggnog.

Jingle bells… Jingle bells…
I couldn’t not imagine Christmas without the eggnog, and…

… and the strawberries.

Really ? Well NOT AT ALL. The Chrissy berries are a Japanese invention, because they have the same color as Santa, and they need to grow something in the greenhouses while it’s still sunny. Even when it freezes, it’s sunny here.

Eggnog for Christmas, I have never heard in Japan. The cold drink/cocktail is available year round in vending machines of all streets. It’s more popular in Summer. That’s called mirukuseeki. The jingles a bell ? No, try again milku seeki ? milk sheeki ? Yes, milk shake, with the local accent.

In France, that’s not related to the season celebrations either. I knew the lait de poule (hen milk). It’s the official name of eggnog. That’s a hot drink dating from… oh, even older. In 13th Century, French king Santa Clau.. oops, NO. Not Claus, Louis. The tyrant is never a gift. Saint Louis was enjoying it and he was a saint because he was reputed to have the willpower to refuse the treat during religious fasting periods.
I have always known the lait de poule as the egg grog. For us a grog is a remedy for cold. A sweet nutritive hot drink with some liquor, to pass through your sore throat before going to bed. It kills the cold during your tipsy sleep. Some people drink it in prevention, anytime. As you are always threatened by the cold.

So I read all around about the American tradition of the liquid ice-cream… Cute ! But can’t they re-heat some for me ? That makes me want HOT lait de poule. So I planned to buy a can and reheated… No, too complicated as you can’t put the can in the micro-wave. And well, you have to be born American to find it interesting to buy your eggnog to drink at home.

Cure-the-cold lait de poule :

Bring a cup of milk to to boil. In the mug, an egg yolk, a schlouk of booze (dark Rum), sugar (a little sugar, lots of lakanto sweetener). Whisk. Add 1/3 boiling milk. Whisk. 1/3 Whisk. The rest of milk. Splash around. No, don’t whisk, you have enough foam :

Serve VERY HOT with powder topping of your choice (cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, sugar, even more booze if you are a vintage kid…).

Go to bed. When you wake up, you are cured.

if you’re crazy dip fruits in it.

3 thoughts on “Nogging strawberries in lait de poule

  1. Oh, that sounds delicious! I like the idea of a hot milk drink – and this sounds fantastic! Strawberries dipped in it is perfect! Thanks and buzzed!

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