Pain en cocotte

I had read about many people baking their bread in cast iron pots. So I gave it a try : 10 thumbs up !

I took my old… and yes dirty cocotte en fonte.
Why a cast iron pot ? Well, the small space retains more humidity than your kitchen and then your small oven, and the bread raises better. Then the thermal properties of cast iron are also great. That makes a bread more “professional”.

I filled it at 1/3 with dough, shut and let the dough double. Cut the top and baked with the lid. I think it could have expanded more in a bigger pot. Next time…

Golden crispy crust.

Not too boringly regular. Great idea.

4 thoughts on “Pain en cocotte

    • I have not tried to bake big loaves on the stove, only some flat breads in a frying pan. I think that will work because many people bake in the cast iron pot or the pressure cooker (without the steam) when they are on a boat. You may have to flip the loaf at some point to get a crust all over, If that’s not to complicated to collect small size embers , you can put some on the lid, to heat the top of the bread. That depends on the design of the pot. The one you can see on the pot has the lid in form of “cup”, my bigger pot doesn’t. If you try, I hope you’ll blog about it.

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