Minimalist pleasure : poire et chocolat

Pear and chocolate. Take a spoon and enjoy !

Mmmmmmm ! The sweetness and coolness of the pear under the hot bitter chocolate is a marvel.

The crime requires premeditation.

2 minutes before :

Melt chips of cocoa mass. 100% cocoa. Zero sugar. Pure darkness.

2 hours or the day before :

Prepare the vanilla syrup pear. It’s poached in a very light syrup with very little sugar, the skin of the pear, vanilla and a little lemon juice . Cooled.

When it’s time :

Start pouring the sauce…


Take a spoon and enjo…

Aaaah, a blogger’s life is such a cruel fate ! We can never enjoy the food at the instant…because we are too busy styling, lighting, etc. Don’t lose time taking the photos as the chocolate hardens… Well, I’m lucky because my pear had two halves so I had one left for the perfect bliss.

5 thoughts on “Minimalist pleasure : poire et chocolat

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