Joyeux Noël !!! Already opening boxes…

Whatever you do or don’t, I hope you will all enjoy the Réveillon Xmas Eve of the longest night of the year…

I’ve got new layer lacquered boxes (jubako) for the traditional Japanese New year food, or other occasions. I have not cleaned them yet, just back from the store.

Tadada… 2 wide trays.

Fans and flower. Peonies ?

Oh, that’s a garden.

Well, very classic. You can see many in this style.

This is more interesting. I was not sure there was not a mistake on the price tag… I got both, the 2 boxes for the price of coffee in a papercup at Crapbuck. It’s a recycle shop where everything still new in the box is super-cheap, and without the box that’s like that, given for one coin. 500 yen. It’s somewhere between 1/10th and 1/100th of new boxes in the nearby shops.

There is still the quality check ticket and indication it’s urushi (lacquerware). It seems to be of quality ? I can’t tell, I am a Beotian. I find it very stylish.

It’s not black but full of sparkles.
Cherry blossoms !

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