Ormeau au beurre (buttered abalone)

The beast is an abalone. It’s getting rare in Europe, a luxury these days. Today, I have won the lottery. Oh wait, let me check my ticket… nope, I haven’t bought any ticket.
It seems we have a few more of these shellfish left in Asia, particularly in South-Korea. Also, they farm them. So it’s not insanely expensive, it’s just expensive. And fishmongers sell everything in the last hour before closing the store, especially if they will close for the New-Year holiday. So I went there at the right time and yeah ! I CAUGHT A BARGAIN !

This Japanese blogger shows how to deal with them. I was totally clueless.

I link his video. He washes them with rough salt. The second part is about cooking them with their liver, see next post.
There will be 3 other posts about abalone (ormeau, awabi…) in the next days :

Korean abalone royal soup

Awabi to kimo (Japanese style)

Abalone ink pasta

So I cut them as the Japanese guy did. And I prepared one French style. I clarified butter (melt it in a frying pan, skimmed the white bits, let dry a bit on low it). And I added pan-fried the abalone with a little sea salt. Just a little black pepper on top.

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