Awabi to kimo in buttered soy sauce (abalone, Japanese style)

That’s really delicious. A Japanese recipe for awabi (abalone). It is stir-fried with its kimo. It’s liver… no stay ! Wait, it’s really good.

I prepared the awabi as I’ve seen in with this video and the recipe is shown from the 5th minute.

The black bit is liver. That’s the tastiest part. Even if you don’t like liver, even fish liver, try it, it tastes like nothing else.
How to : Take the black cone that is the liver of abalone. Melt butter. Fry the liver in it till it loses shape. Stir in a few veggies.

Then at the end your sliced abalone, a bit of salt and a little soy sauce. You don’t need to cook the abalone much, one minute is enough.

Serve them in the shells :

Mmmmm ! That’s probably one of the best recipes to enjoy abalone.

3 thoughts on “Awabi to kimo in buttered soy sauce (abalone, Japanese style)

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