Love ducks, a yin yang drink

Something fun to feel warm in the middle of Winter. That’s not health food, but everybody should try it some day because it is a delicious drink.
That’s a souvenir I brought back from a rainy trip to Hong-Kong before or just after it became Xiang-Kiang ?

I wish it was called “yin-yang cha” which is easier for me to memorize, but it is yun-yeung cha in Cantonese.
If you see the hanzi it’s obvious that yunyeung is a name of ducks : 鴛鴦


Source and more about these ducks
That’s a couple. They even seem to be NOT of the same species. The Mrs is a one-leg duck while Mr. is a two-leg duck. That’s real love !

Like this drink. OK, it’s known, or unknown, as Yuanyang in English. I drunk that in the streets of Hong-Kong and I didn’t know what it was.
Otherwise, I would not have drunk it. That sounded so gross. Tea-coffee ???? I don’t even drink milk tea or milk coffee. But the guy was not speaking English. I mean he could, but he didn’t. That was an honest Cantonese language street stand. I thought that was some type of Indian “chai masala” with different spices. So I have insisted, with lot of smiles, to know which spices… and they explained me in English.

So here is the authentic daipaidong (Hong-Kong street market) recipe.

Add in this order :
-a cup of near boiling hot water
-1 tea bag (black tea)
-1 spoon of instant coffee
-2 to 4 ts of condensed milk
-stir, squeeze the tea bag. Repeat 3 times over 5 minutes.
-after 5 minutes, take away the teabag
-serve very hot or iced

If you don’t want it sweet, you can use evaporated milk instead.

That’s it. The taste is…neither tea, nor coffee. Surprising.

4 thoughts on “Love ducks, a yin yang drink

  1. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I try to stay away from caffeine in general, but this drink looks so rich and creamy – I think I need to try it..NO, I KNOW i do. Love the beautiful duckies!

    That said, regarding your comment on my cinnamon goo biscuits having fruits or nuts in them; Nope, when I pulled the buns apart, that’s just how that particular bit of ’goo’ settled. It really does look like a bit of fruit or a pecan, though! I was a little worried about that photo wise, but just a little 😉

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